As the leading Malta fireplace manufacturer and importer, Stone Décor offers custom-built fireplaces to complement any home design, from grand and baronial styles to contemporary and elegant designs.

A Stone Décor fireplace adds splendour to your home, keeping it cozy, warm and secure, while drastically reducing your heating expenses.

Our range of fireplace inserts is unique! We can supply them in any size and colour, customised to your particular requirements.

Stone Décor imports fireplaces that may be placed in any room or hallway. Whether you have designed your home with rustic features, traditional or modern, we have the perfect fireplace for you.

Our experienced and professional home designers will help you identify the ideal location to place your fireplace.

Stone Décor fireplaces add style and charm to your home, and can transform an otherwise normal room into a captivating environment.

Among the different fire-places available at Stone Décor you will find:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Wood burning
  • Fuel stoves (kerosene and ethanol)
  • Pellets

To find out more about the fireplace inserts available at Stone Décor please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.